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Some Modifications to do  


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06/06/2019 11:15 pm  

Received my I'm Back from B&H and it more or less needs modifications. Here's a laundry list of things I'd like to get done to make this even cooler.

Get a good dust cleaner

No matter how I clean it, there's still a speck of dust.. 🙁

The sticker with the border

The lens that is in the telescope is off by a few millimeters so the "bottom" of the plastic opaque plastic diffuser shows at the the top of the digital display. It's in a small space that I won't be trying to touch this right now.

While there are extra pieces of black trimmed clear stickers to put on top of the opaque white rectangle piece as replacements, I decided to cut myself some glass to put there as a long term solution. It's so much easier to clean if any tape residue gets stuck. You buy a cheap Walmart ($1-2 dollar picture frame) then buy a $3 glass cutting tool from a hardware store like Home Depot. Cut it to size and tape it on. Watch youtube videos on how to do this. The quality is so much better and you can clean it well with glass cleaner and a lint free towel. Just apply black tape or friction tape from 3M.

Leaking light

So, without modifying the universal cover to fit an EM, there is a gap between the telescope back and the frame. This allows light to leak in. I am working on a hood to cover any leaks coming in. The problem is that it doesn't sit nearly flush enough even with the extra thickness from real glass and friction tape. It's still missing a few millimeters to make it a perfect fit. I think this doesn't change anything with image quality, so having a seal around the telescope will help light leaking through.


It sits funny on a universal cover as in it tilts forward due to the lens weight. I have put some backing between the universal cover and the camera body, but I need a better solution. I can't exactly cut the universal cover at the screw area because that's going to cut it nearly in half.. A Nikon EM sits right where there is a bridge between two holes. Because the lens has some weight on it, it pulls forward causing the telescope on the I'm Back unit to push at an angle. It's awkward to hold with all of this weight and try to focus and press it tight enough together so that no light leaks in.

Need to find some tape for the I'm Back unit so that I can grip it better. Maybe I'll use the friction tape.


So the supplied 18650 is dying. It's not very reliable. I am going to shop around for samsung 18650s (which are about $10-20 a piece) and it's more reliable and won't explode on you for over charging.

Hidden menu stuff

I think if you click the power button quick enough the wifi mode is enabled. Neato.


Going to get a micro-usb adapter to USB-C. It's much more robust if the micro-usb fails, the adapter is usually 10x stronger.

Flash Sync

My Nikon EM didn't have one so I bought a $7 adapter off Amazon that fits into the flash shoe which has a hole for the sync cable. It works. Turns the pictures B&W - I like that! My Canon FTb QL has a built in sync hole to accept the cable. I don't have a small lens for it so it's super heavy and the EM is much lighter. Both work well with the sync cable.

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08/06/2019 4:16 pm  

Great tips!

The universal cover, unfortunately, because it has to adapt to so many cameras, can not be closed but open, but since you and many are creative, it is sufficient to close the areas of light with black adhesive.
As for the powder, you're right. I tried to put a glass, but the problem is in the thickness that alters the focus of the camera. if you want to try, you can cut the glass that enters the exact space of the exposure hole, or leave it, when you fit the periscope, it will not touch the two metal bases (above and below the exposure hole), but it will show a little . Attention not to touch the shutter !!!
I am studying a way to reduce this problem, and once you have shared with everyone!

Do not forget to post your photos and put #imbackofficial so that our community grows ... 😀  😀  😀 

Samuel Mello Medeiros

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