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Tried my new ImBack...

Tried my new ImBack on my Canon F1 and Canon 7 with f0.9 Dream lens  


Lance Dennis
New Member
Joined: 11 months ago
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18/02/2019 5:27 am  

I finally got a chance to set up and try out my new ImBack device that I received a couple of weeks ago. 

First of all, the base arrived with the attachment points for the switch circuit board broken.  However the ImBack team advised me on how to quickly fix that problem and I was off and running.  It took a bit of playing, about 100 pictures, to feel comfortable with the firmware.  There are several options that I cannot see myself using.  I am only learning the photo option at this time.  I have also noticed that 100 photos with constant playback used about one third of  a 9000ma battery.

The first camera I tried was my 1976 Canon F1.  I have the dedicated F1 cover.  With the attached Speedfinder, I was able to easily use the viewfinder for framing and focus without interference from the periscope housing. I have several lenses that I look forward to trying after the rain stops here in Los Angeles.  I am very happy with this combination.  It is almost like my F1 with a motor drive attached!

The second camera I wanted to try was my Canon 7s a Leica mount rangefinder from about 1967. It also mounts the Canon Dream lens, the 50mm f0.9 normal lens. It has a 72mm filter ring and weighs a ton.  To get the Canon 7s to fit the universal cover to fit I had to widen the slot for the expansion screw in one spot.  I also needed trim the tab on the front of the cover where the very large dream lens overhangs the bottom edge of the camera.  Since the "cover" only has a back and no front, the very heavy camera and lens tilt away from the periscope resulting in an out of focus picture.  In order to use this camera I need to clamp the camera to the cover while I depress the shutter to get in focus images.  I need to get a better solution.  Can you say very narrow depth of field at f0.9?!

Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
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18/02/2019 12:03 pm  

Hello! Glad you're having fun!

Well, the ideal solution would be a dedicated cover for your telemetry camera, and I'll see if I can put that cover on the track. An idea too, for now is you use an elastic to better fix the body and your camera in the universal cover. I hope I can soon offer a cover for the canon telemetro line!

As for depth of field, I personally use my Nikkor 1.2 and I know the depth and short, and much more still at 0.99 ... so be careful to put the object very well before clicking! I'm curious to see your photos! My suggestion to all is to treat the photo and eliminate possible dirt and give the color a greater liveliness ... I personally, even working with photoshop, for a matter of speed and simplicity, I use Picasa and when I transfer to my cell phone directly, I use a program like "MEITU" that is very easy and fast for cleaning and adjusting the photos. I await your photos !!!

Samuel Mello Medeiros

Lance Dennis
New Member
Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 2
18/02/2019 6:04 pm  

A custom cover for the Canon rangefinders.  That would be great!  Remember to leave a cutout where the dream lens hangs down lower than the body. Also the "P", "7", and "7s" all have different tripod attachment points.


As for an elastic band on the 7s, I cannot find a place where the band does not interfer with the viewfinder, wind-on lever, or shutter release.  I am going to try a small model making clamp.

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