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Useful tip for bulb...

Useful tip for bulb setting  


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15/02/2019 4:12 pm  

I have been testing my ImBack out with a couple of my cameras and have found that using a shutter cable release is a great little way to lock those cameras without a shutter button locking mechanism built in to them.  So far I have successfully taken photos with my Holga, Sardinia and Cosmic 35 but due to a file error I have not been able to post the results (I might shoot on them again using the Jpg format).

For the Holga I also used the 35mm frame plate that comes with the 35mm adapter kit

When shooting with the Sardinia before you fix your ImBack to the camera fix your shutter cable to the shutter; set the camera to bulb mode then advanced the sprocket cog to let the camera set the shutter; lock the shutter cable which should leave the shutter locked open; finally attach your ImBack to the camera and your all set.

I'll get some photos sorted too  

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15/02/2019 5:00 pm  

Thanks for the collaboration!
As for the file error, maybe it was because you took raw photos, and RAW you can only open with photoshop or pre RAW software. You can not see in the I'm Back the photos made by RAW and gives you "error file".

I hope I can see your pictures published! hug

Samuel Mello Medeiros

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