Focusing Screen 6×4.5CM SHORT – I’m Back MF

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Special film to replace I’m Back MF focusing screen for BR1 and MA2 adapters.

Made in Japan.

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I‘m Back MF 6×4.5 CM SHORT focusing screen.

Comptaible with the following I’m Back MF adapters:

  • BR1: Bronica Etrs
  • MA2: Mamiya 645 PRO, Mamiya 645 AFD

The focusing screen is where the image is registered by at the I’m Back MF device and therefore it must always be clean. Many times, the shutter itself, because it has dust inside the camera, can deposit small residues that, if not removed, will be recorded in the photography. To clean this surface, use an air jet and, if necessary, alcohol. Avoid contact with fingers as it may leave an oily stain on the surface.

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 4 cm
Focusing Screen 6x4.5 S

Special film to replace I'm Back MF focusing screen for BR1 and MA2 adapters.

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