I’m Back – 324% founded!!! Thank you all for the fantastic support!.

4 years this team is working and today they are celebrating!


I know I still have work to do, and hopefully soon, come back here with the finished product ready for you to fit into your camera and go back to making “analogically digital” photos !!!

Download and analyze the picture quality in your program EXIF.




The I’m Back evolution!

Inspiration from the old “Motor Drivers” i reworked the case and now it has that “vintage” look

Thank you all for backing me during the first phase of my project. Now I redesigned I’m Back, made the buttons stiffer and a bigger protection on the rear of the back. But it isn’t finished yet and on it’s launch you’re going to be amazed by the result!

A low cost system to transform your RaspberryPi, Arduino, Genuino, OMEGA2, Tinker Board, Pine, ODROID, Orange Pi, Banana Pi to a digital back for 35mm cameras from the 50/60/70s and 80s! It’s your opportunity to give life back to your reflex left in the attic, or purchase a reflex and take beautiful analog pictures that are then transformed to digital thanks to an open source chip installed inside the back!


I’mBack, the easy and low cost way to use old reflex cameras.

How to use I’m Back !

I’m Back™ works with a great number of camera models and it has a Z X Y regulation which allows to adjust the F stop (24X36mm) which is placed behind the shutter.

Adjust the exposure hole XYZ axis to adjust the exposure hole Simple vertical alignment, horizontal and depth (red buttons). Simple vertical alignment, horizontal and depth.

I’m Back case is something incredible! Other than protecting your raspberry pi 3 (or others) it allows you to connect your Breadboard through the 26 or 40Pin flex cable, now express your creativity! Take beautiful 35mm pictures with your old analog cameras! All you have to do is: – Detach the rear cap from the camera (this works on most cameras between the 50s and the 80s) – Adjust the exposure “hole” to the camera module installed on the back (8mp camera) – Connect the Sync Flash cable from the camera to the case – Set the exposure in “B” (Bulb) and you’re ready to go!

2017 – I’m Back – New Model – Motor driver design

I'm Back advance
First prototype…new version… I’m Back MD

I'm Back advance


I'm Back advance


I'm Back advance + Diana F - lomography


I'm Back advance - 3d for printimg

New design… I’m Back Advance – New controls for…

I’m Back Photo Gallery




Prices for digital back today are “prohibitive” for a normal consumer. This is why I thought of a more economical way to make digital photos in analog cameras, and im more, transpire leaving the same texture of films. 

Costs of current back for medium format (of course the highest quality):

USD $24,995.00 – 80mp

Back costs to 35mm (do not exist):




LoghiKick-press - I'm Back advance press

“O aparelho criado pelo sorocabano pode ser acoplado em máquinas fotográficas de várias marcas e modelos. Quem tem várias dessas na casa, pode adquirir apenas um equipamento e ir alternando o uso. No entanto, o objetivo de Samuel é já ter o aparelho pronto para entregar às pessoas. Para isso ele busca apoio financeiro e iniciou um crowdfunding (financiamento coletivo)…”
Daniela Jacinto

La Provincia di Como

“…le immagini conservano la stessa “grana” di un tempo, trasmettendo davvero la sensazione di avere a che fare con fotografie impresse e stampate alla vecchia maniera: calore e colore dell’immagine ci riportano indietro negli anni.”
Stefano Ferrari

“Innovatives Raspberry-Pi-Gehäuse bringt alte Kameras ins Digitalzeitalter”

GQ Italia
“Grazie al dorso digitale I’m Back con integrato un Raspberry Pi si possono riportare in vita le macchine fotografiche ormai lasciate a prendere polvere nel cassetto. Ecco la geniale idea di un inventore italo-brasiliano.”
Diego Barbera

“It’s a truly remarkable project that bridges the gap between two different technological ages, and even takes very nice photos as well.”

“By allowing users to take photos with their old DSLR cameras and giving them the opportunity to also take advantage of digital technologies, this Raspberry Pi DSLR case offers the best of both worlds to discerning photographers.”
Rahul Kalvapalle



銀塩カメラをRaspberry Piでデジタル化する「I’m Back」–一眼やレンジファインダに

” I’m Back ™ es una apuesta muy interesante para lograr recuperar estas máquinas a nuestros días con todo el encanto de sus fotografías directamente a un soporte digital. Aunque había visto otros proyectos similares este cuenta con la realidad de lo que una Raspberry Pi puede ofrecer.”
Miguel Parada

Globo.com – techtudo
“A case ” I’m Back ” promete transformar suas câmeras analógicas em um modelo digital, de forma prática. O projeto desenvolvido pelo paulista Samuel Medeiros é ideal para quem tem câmeras antigas, com boas lentes ou com valor sentimental, mas gostaria de dar um toque digital no equipamento, com display para ver as fotos e fazer ajustes.
Barbara Mannara


I’m Back – Not only shoot photos!

Stop spending your money with rollers and revelations (4 euros for the 36 photos roll + 10 euros for their development). With I’m Back, you can use all the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi form and, besides the possibility to take photos, you can also:

  • Transfer your photos directly to the Web through the browser
  • Send and receive email
  • Connect via bluetooth (mouse, keyboard and and more)
  • Connect to the network via Ethernet cable
  • Access the function of this “small computer” via the TFT screen

For the Raspberry lovers, all the possibilities of their imaginations!

I'm Back. With Raspberry Pi, no only photos...but much more!

I’m Back. With Raspberry Pi, no only photos…but much more!

What does “I’m Back” consist of?

I’m Back uses the latest Raspberry Pi camera module 8 megapixel Sony and it is based on the picture taken from the focusing screen with fresnel focus which conveys the image a sort of “grain texture” typical of 200 or 400 asa film.

Open source software and hardware (Raspberry PI B3 with Linux and Python as programming code) with the possibility to use Raspberry PI B3 for other projects using the touchscreen TFT display and its USB ports.

Photos are saved in a pen drive – I’m Back, the good idea!