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The low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera.

I'm Back. We continued where the others left off.

For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with films or in digital mode.

In 2018, Samuel Mello Medeiros, together with his partner Filippo Nishino, founded “I’m Back GmbH” company based in Lugano, Switzerland. In 2018 they won an award together with Panasonic and Fujifilm at the Photokina fair in Cologne – Germany from the Cinema 5D blog and took second place in Switzerland for best Startup of the year. They will receive criticism from all over the world because they come out of the usual, but they have not given up and have gone ahead because they believe that it is the right path and with this came compliments also from great names in photography and the photographic industry. The rest is history …

Digital back For your old 35mm camera. Take photos and make a video in digital mode.

I'm Back® 35 looking for Leica M2, aged 64, for long lasting relationship

I’m Back 35 is unrivalled because it is the only low-cost digital back who loves to pair with thirty-five millimetres. I’m Back 35. Because the pleasure of photography has no age.

Nikon F4, Will you marry me?

I’m Back® 35. Take off that roll of and come to me.

I'm not a Panaflex®, and what's the problem?

I’m Back® 35. So seductive that causes envy.
Shot with: Zenith 122 and Helios 58mm f2,0 M6 and I’m Back® for 35mm | Ciel Rouge is a music duo produced by Michele Oliva | Directed by Gaetano Acunzo | First Assistant: Rossella Silvestri | Model: Pia Francesca Caso

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It’s official. I’m Back® is the bigbang of photokina 2018! Cinema 5d awarded us together with Panasonic and Fujifilm!

I’m Back® 35. Take off that roll of and come to me.

Check out the quality of the photos printed on photographic paper. The colors are great and the granulation gives the photos a unique aspect in their genre!

For those who think you can only use it on instagram. 😁

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Digital back For your old medium format camera. Take photos and make a video in digital mode.

See our images shot using I'm Back. the photos were processed in Photoshop® and some with Remini AI program.

Photos Gallery

35mm format Gallery

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Medium Format Gallery

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I'm Back MF, made for those who have had "big" emotions in the past...

Remember the weddings, graduations, baptisms and the lovely sunset?
She always was together with you! How many times you carried her taking enormous care? Love never ends, but frankly speaking you did not bring her to walk for a while!

Try it! And, whenever you want, you can pull-off the back, put a roll of photographic films of your choice and shoot analogue photos like in the 1950s! I’m Back® joins the best of both worlds, analog and digital!


For large cameras with large formats. Take them out of the "museum" and go back to photographing digitally.

Mamiya RB 67
Pentax 6X7
Mamiya RZ67
Graflex systems


For the most popular medium format with an optics or biotics.

Hasselblad Series 500 C series
Bronica S, Kiev 88, Mamiya C330 series, Rolleiflex Automat, Bronica SQ A – B, Rolleiflex 6000 series, Rolleiflex model E –  F, Yashica MAT 124 series


When it was desired to use a roll 120 in a rectangular shape.

Bronica Etrs
Mamiya 645
Pentax 645
Mamiya 645 PRO TL

More than 200 blogs around the world have commented on this idea...

Media talk about us...

Want to participate in this project? Visit our indiegogo page and support us!

I’m Back. We continued where the others left off.

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