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IBP – New I’m Back35 + Universal Cover

CHF 449.00

I’m Back®35 – Technical Specifications

Make digital photos and videos with your old analog camera!
The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with photographic films or in digital mode.
  • Image Sensor: SONY IMX206 (16Mpixels)
  • Photo resolution: real 16M/14M/10M/8M/, interpolated 20 and 40 mpx.
  • Photo format: JPEG and B&W RAW
  • LCD: 2.0 inch
  • WiFi – for connecting your smartphone
  • Display: 240*RGB*320 LCD
  • Memory: Micro SD / Class 10 Max 128G
  • Interface: Micro HDMI, USB C Type
  • Power: Lithium Battery Pack (Sony F550 compatible)
  • Video format: 4K 3840*2160/30FPS – 1920*1080P/60fps – 1280*720P/120fps
  • Object Size: (I’m Back 35) 24x36mm as 135 film
  • Exposure Control: Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Color Balance: Fixed or Automatic mode
  • ISO: 100 – 1800
  • Lens Multi-elements precision lens
  • Microphone/Speaker: Built-in
  • System requirements: Windows , MAC

*subject to changes, quality nevertheless will be at least the same or better

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New I’m Back35. You asked we did it!

Thanks to all our backers I’M BACK® 35 became true. It’s also thanks to the massive feedback from our supporters and together with hard work that I’M BACK® 35 is evolving and improving significantly since the first version.

“I’m Back35®” works with a great number of models and it has a Z X Y regulation which allows for adjusting the F stop (24X36mm) which is placed behind the shutter.

The camera is linked to the device through a Flash Sync cable. To take a picture after adjusting the camera, all you need is to turn it on and choose one of the three picture options from the menu. Color, sepia, and black and white, Photos or Videos.

Manual mode:  You choose the speed and the diaphragm aperture as you like, and enjoy your camera as if you were using an analog film roll. I’m Back35® records the result, good or bad, it depends upon you! You do not need a sync cable that connects I’m Back35® to your analog camera, but now I’m Back35® has a digital sync system through a sync button. When you charge mechanically the camera, it gets ready to take photos. It’s simple and fast.
Automatic mode: As regards the exposure, since the necessary amount of light is measured by the camera module, the camera must be set to B (Bulb) speed. After focusing the object, the shutter button must be pressed for 2 to 4 seconds according to the light. 

New 16mp IMX 206 Sony sensor, touch screen, full menu, ISO control (100 to 1800), Burst (3 to 10 photos per second), Video, Video slow motion, EV, Color photos, black and white, and sepia JPG and RAW B&W photos.

Wi-Fi connection and therefore with the possibility to connect your smartphone and transfer the photos or use the display as a live view. The I’m Back combining the best of both worlds, analog and digital.

Very important:
The photos taken by I’m Back presented here were treated with Photoshop, because, as already happens with modern digital devices, tiny hair or dust can disturb the images. It is very important, before you take pictures, to make sure that the surface of the focusing screen which will record the image is clean. But bear in mind that you should always treat these photos as taken with a film camera and not with the latest generation of digital cameras!

“I’m Back was designed not only for professional photographers but for ordinary people who are passionate about photography and for technology from old cameras, for anyone who wants to have fun like they used to, even when the photo was not good and it was a source of anger and also a laugh. Good times!”

Note for professional photographers: 
“I’M BACK35®  was created with the intention of reusing the old analog in a digital way, but maintaining a “retro” aspect in the photos thanks to the focusing screen. It is not intended to have the quality of a digital camera of the last generation, therefore, it is not an accessory to be at par with a digital or even an analog. I’m back given a unique result in its genre. Similar solutions, like “Pinhole”, “Lomography”, give photos with the use of a “Scanner” and another art form, yes, the art of photography is after all an art form and not something to be judged by the number of pixels or any less.”

Quick start guide:

Mount the universal back into the I’m Back®. Adjusts the height of the focusing screen to the shutter. Close the I’m Back® clamps. . Insert the Micro SD card. Turn on the I’m Back35 . Focus, adjust the aperture, and click first the “OK” button and after your camera. Select the “Tools” icon (bottom right). Select from the list “WiFi”. Download the I’m Back app to your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to the WIFI (pw: 12345678). Open the I’m Back app and click “Connect Camera”. This way, you can view the images directly on your smartphone. Remove the Micro SD to transfer the data to your computer, or connect the I’m Back® via the USB data cable.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 30 cm

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