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New Model

I’m Back®

After the success achieved in our both kickstarter campaigns, we were sure that the audience desired a finished product, perfect and ready to use. So with the help of Filippo Nishino, business developer based in Switzerland and the partnership with Yuyao Maxwin Electric Appliance S&T Co. Ltd we can finally create the desired low cost digital back for cameras 35 mm.

I’m Back™ launched a successful first prototype on Kickstarter that has been pledged by over 100 people throughout Aug 4 2016 – Oct 3 2016 and raised 325%. Thanks for anyone that an year ago helped our project on Kickstarter!

Now i’m trying again but this time i can finally deliver a finished mass-produced product to you, a good quality and low cost back for your analog cameras.

The new model features:

  • Sensor: 16Mega CMOS Sensor Panasonic 34120

  • Picture System: Focusing screen

  • Video Resolution: UHD24(2880*2160) QHD30(2560*1440)

  • 108OP60/30 720P120/60/30 VGA240

  • Video nal aspect: Focusing screen/Vintage

  • Picture Size: 20M 16M 12M 10M 8M 5M 3M VGA

  • Video Format: MP4 H.264

  • Picture Format: JPG & RAW

  • Storage Capacity: Max 64Gb

  • USB Interface: USB TYPE-C

  • Display: 2.0″capacitive touch screens

  • Auto White: yes

  • Balance: yes

  • Auto Eve : yes

  • Picture ip: yes

  • WIFI: yes

  • Remote: yes

  • Language EN FR ES PT DE IT CN RU JP

  • Battery: 3.7V 2.700mAh

“There is no crop factor? The sensor seems quite small, especially compared to e.g. common APS-C sensors these days…”

There will have no crop factor from the size of sensor. The design of this product is called “Depth-of-field_adapter” ( In normal digital camera, the image from the lens is directly projected onto the sensor. So the smaller the size of the sensor, the more the image is cropped which we called crop factor. In this Depth-of-field adapter “digital back”, the image is projected onto the focusing screen, is almost 24mm x 36mm. And then we use a digital camera to take a photo of this focusing screen. You can use a SLR, mirrorless or any size of sensor to take this photo from the screen. There is no crop factor.

I'm Back®

Continue where others stopped.


For photograpers lovers

Another model ready to use for who, like me, is a lover of photography and would like to have fun with the old cameras, without worrying about developing films!

How does I’m Back™ work?

It’s actually pretty simple! A focusing screen is placed where normally there’d be a film roll, so instead of creating an image on the film the image is now created on a camera module located behind the body of the camera. The picture is then saved inside an sd memory card inside the back. The picture taken can be viewed either on the lcd display located at the back or on a normal smartphone/tablet and then transferred on your computer.
Important: all the pictures that are displayed here have been treated with photo editing apps to enhance exposition and make the photos clearer

Click for control menu settings:

Picture resolution

The resolution of a picture is 2592 × 1944 and 3,5mb for picture and thanks to the focusing screen the images gain a “retro” feel since it creates small granules on the picture that makes all I’m Back™ pictures unique.

Click here and download a high resolution picture

What I’m Back™ is not:

It is not a substitution for film rolls.

It is not invasive since all it takes is to take off the back cover of the camera therefore you can always go back to take analogic pictures.

It is not a competitor against other digital cameras. The main objective of I’m Back™ is to urge the return of the old and perfectly functioning analogic cameras with the possibility to see in real time the result of the pictures you take (as other digital cameras do).

I’m Back™, your old camera will be back!