I'm Back® for 35mm

The first low cost digital back for 35mm analog cameras.

Small sensor but no crop factor.

There will have no crop factor from the size of sensor. The design of this product is called “Depth-of-field_adapter (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depth-of-field_adapter).
In normal digital camera, the image from the lens is directly projected onto the sensor. So the smaller the size of the sensor, the more the image is cropped which we called crop factor. In this Depth-of-field adapter “digital back”, the image is projected onto the focusing screen, is almost 24mm x 36mm. And then we use a digital camera to take a photo of this focusing screen. 
You can use a SLR, mirrorless or any size of sensor to take this photo from the screen. There is no crop factor.

Picture resolution

The resolution of a picture is 3.788 x 5.680 and 9mb and Video format: 4K 3840*2160/30FPS – 1920*1080P/60fps – 1280*720P/120fps
For picture and thanks to the focusing screen the images gain a “retro” feel since it creates small granules on the picture that makes all I’m Back™ pictures unique.

What I'm Back is not:
It is not a substitution for film rolls.

It is not invasive since all it takes is to take off the back cover of the camera therefore you can always go back to take analog pictures. It is not a competitor against other digital cameras. The main objective of I’m Back® is to urge the return of the old and perfectly functioning analog cameras with the possibility to see in real time the result of the pictures you take (as other digital cameras do).

I'm Back35, your old camera will be back!

Leica M2 - Nikkor 50 f1.2

Picture by Leica M2 nikkor 50mm f1.2 – London – Madame Tussaud Museum.

Thank you backers and friends for again believing in I’m Back. It was born as an ugly duck and now begins to turn into a swan!  Thank you to all those who have been supporting us for the last four years, and also to those who encouraged us by saying “It will not work …”.  A big thank you goes to: our wives and children who supported us in the many hours of hard work, our friends, partners and specially to you baker;

WiFi connection

You can trigger the photo or video camera through WiFi connection. To do so, just download our APP and connect the device to your smartphone.

I'm Back device features for 35mm and Medium Format cameras:

  • Sensor: 16Mega CMOS Sensor Sony IMX206
  • Picture System: Focusing screen
  • Video Resolution: UHD24(2880*2160) QHD30(2560*1440)
  • 108OP60/30 720P120/60/30 VGA240
  • Video aspect: Focusing screen/Vintage
  • Picture Size: real 16Mp and interpolated to 20Mp, 30Mp or 40Mp
  • 10Mp 8Mp 5Mp 3Mp VGA
  • Video Format: MP4 H.264
  • Picture Format: JPG & RAW
  • Storage Capacity: Max 128Gb
  • USB Interface: USB TYPE-C
  • Display: 2.0″capacitive touch screens
  • Auto White: yes
  • Balance: yes
  • Auto EV: yes
  • WIFI: yes
  • Language EN FR ES PT DE IT CN RU JP
  • Battery: 7,4V 2.700mAh
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