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Micro mirrorless. Yashica - I'm Back, give space to a big idea.

"Digital back for cameras."
After 31 years, more powerful than ever.

For over three decades, the world has held its breath, waiting for the day when the concept of a digital film roll would materialize.

Photo by I'm Back® Film prototype and Leica M2

"Nikon QV 1000C, DigiFilm, Kodak DCS100, RE35, DMR by Leica. Thank you for inspiring us.
I'm Back®film."

“Since the release of the first digital back for the Nikon F3, known as the ‘Nikon QV-1000C,’ in 1988, digital photography has come a long way. Many attempts have been made over the years to introduce devices resembling ‘film rolls’ in the digital realm, but with limited success. Some of these attempts were quickly forgotten, while others fell victim to misinformation and rumors and, “Fake News”.

However, we’re here to share with you an exceptional story. A story of resilience and innovation that refused to accept defeat. This story is about ‘I’m Back,’ the first digital film roll, which uses a film roll-shaped holder and is equipped with a 20-megapixel Sony micro 4/3 sensor.

‘I’m Back’ represents a second chance for old analog cameras that were relegated to obscurity (I’m referring to the millions that went unused, not the ones still cherished by analog enthusiasts). With our incredible ability to transform these relics into modern digital devices, we’re writing a new chapter in the history of photography.

This is a truly remarkable achievement as ‘I’m Back’ continues where others gave up. Our ability to revive old cameras and enable everyday people, who over the years used an old and trusted analog camera, to explore the best of both worlds—the nostalgia of film and the convenience of digital technology—is simply exceptional.

As we move forward in the digital age, it’s important to celebrate innovations that not only preserve our photographic past but also allow us to look to the future with renewed perspective. ‘I’m Back’ is a perfect example of this, and we look forward to how it will continue to inspire creativity and a passion for photography.”

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I’m Back. We continued where the others left off.

The sensor: Small but great! 
I’m Back® Film, with its micro 4/3 sensor combined to our wide-angle adapter eliminates all crop factor and results in full-frame pictures!

No crop? The simple solution:

“One of the solutions you can consider to minimize the cropping effect in your photos is acquiring a lens that works for both macro photography and widening the field of view of your camera. Let me illustrate this with some examples so you can see the substantial difference it makes.

Similar to the old Kodak™ DCS* model, we will provide a semi-transparent rectangle that will show you exactly the area you should frame to take your photo. This will help you have a precise view and capture images as desired.

Results using regular 35mm lenses (full-frame) with our front wide-angle adapter

Explanatory left picture: the comparison is between a normal full-frame sensor + Nikkor 50mm lens and the area that I’m Back® Film prototype with our wide-angle adapter + Nikkor 50mm would register. As indicated there is no crop factor!

See our images shot using I'm Back. the photos were processed in Photoshop® and some with Remini AI program.

Compatible for all cameras!

See our images shot using I'm Back Film. Not photoshop or other programs.

photos Gallery - by I'm Back film prototype

I'm Back Film, made for those who have had "big" emotions in the past...

"Reviving Analog Classics: The Philosophy Behind I'm Back Film"

“Reviving Analog Classics: The Philosophy Behind I’m Back Film”
Our philosophy at I’m Back Digital Back is an innovative and unique approach to digital photography. We deeply believe in combining the nostalgia of old analog cameras with the convenience and quality of digital technology. Here are the principles that guide our mission:

1. **Rescuing the Past**: Our goal is to rescue and preserve often overlooked or forgotten old analog cameras. We believe that each of these cameras has a story to tell and is committed to giving them a new digital life.

2. **Nostalgia and Modernity**: We believe that photography should be an experience that combines the charm of film with the convenience of high-quality digital technology. With I’m Back, you can relive the excitement of using an analog camera while enjoying the benefits of modern digital capture.

3. **Accessibility**: Making digital photography accessible to all enthusiasts who wish to revive their vintage cameras from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s is fundamental to us. With I’m Back, anyone with a compatible analog camera can transform it into a modern digital camera without excessive costs.

4. **Continuous Innovation**: We are dedicated to ongoing innovation, working tirelessly to improve our products and provide updates that cater to photography enthusiasts’ needs. We are here to support our customers at every step of their photographic journey.

5. **Sustainability**: Sustainability is a core value for us. By giving old analog cameras a new opportunity, we contribute to reducing electronic waste and promote the idea that old devices can be repurposed and modernized rather than discarded.

6. **Not Competing, But Complementing**: We do not intend to compete with existing digital or analog cameras but offer an additional option for those seeking a different perspective.

7. **Not for Current Analog Users**: If you are already an analog camera user, this product may not be for you, as we do not wish to discourage the use of film but rather bring millions of analog cameras stored in damp boxes, trunks, or cellars back into use.

In summary, I’m Back Digital Back’s philosophy is to provide a unique photographic experience, making digital photography exciting, accessible, and sustainable for everyone who wishes to breathe new life into their vintage cameras and relive the magic of analog photography in the digital era. We believe that every photo captured with our devices tells a special story, and we are here to help people tell those stories in the best way possible.

More than 200 blogs around the world have commented on this idea...

Media talk about us...

Over the past seven years, I’m Back Digital Back has garnered widespread recognition and attention from the media worldwide. This unique device, which allows you to transform old analog cameras into modern digital ones, has captured my imagination, as well as that of photography enthusiasts and all those who cherish not wasting anything and prefer reusing items rather than discarding them. Renowned websites like Petapixel, Dpreview, NikonRumors, Leica Rumors, CineD, The Tudo from Rede Globo Brasil, and more than 300 other online sources have highlighted the innovations and potential of the I’m Back Digital Back. Additionally, specialized magazines from Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, and Brazil have published reviews and articles about the device. The media recognition doesn’t end there. The I’m Back Digital Back has earned two significant awards. The first was granted in Switzerland, where it secured second place among 200 promising startups. The other award was received at the prestigious Photokina event in Cologne, Germany, in 2018, alongside renowned brands like Panasonic and Fujifilm, showcasing our excellence and impact in the photography industry. This extensive media coverage and the awards received serve as a testament to the significant impact that the I’m Back Digital Back has had on the photography enthusiast community and on all those who value reuse and environmental preservation. Our global presence and media attention demonstrate our capacity for innovation, combining the nostalgia of film with the convenience of digital technology to meet the needs of a wide range of enthusiasts.

"Digital back for cameras."
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I’m Back. We continued where the others left off.

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