Fresnel lens for 6×6

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Fresnel lens for I’m BackMF

  • Introducing our Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF: Enhance Your Photography Experience!

Upgrade your I’m BackMF camera with our high-quality Fresnel Lens, designed to eliminate dark edges and the red center for exceptional image quality. Say goodbye to unwanted imperfections and capture stunning photos with consistent exposure and enhanced clarity.

Easy to install, our Fresnel Lens seamlessly fits under the PDLC film. Simply align the lens with the plastic support and ensure a secure fit.

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Photo was taken without the fresnel lens – Mamiya RB67 Camera – Sekor 90 f3.8. – Untreated images.

Diaphragm  f16


Diaphragm  f3.8

Photo was taken with the fresnel lens – Mamiya RB67 Camera. – Mamiya RB67 Camera – Sekor 90 f3.8. – Untreated images.

Diaphragm  f11

Diaphragm  f3.8

Diaphragm  f5.6

Diaphragm  f3.8

Diaphragm  f16

Diaphragm  f3.8

Diaphragm  f3.8

Diaphragm  f3.8


Introducing our Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF: Eliminate Dark Edges and Red Center, with Even Exposure even at f/16!

We’ve listened to your feedback, our valued customers, and we’re excited to provide a great solution! Now, we present our exclusive Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF. Say goodbye to unwanted dark edges and the red center that can compromise your photos, while enjoying consistent exposure even at f/16.

Our high-quality Fresnel Lens is designed to be applied under the PDLC film, which will cover it to protect its delicate surface. Important: position the opaque part of the Fresnel Lens facing upwards, in contact with the PDLC film, to ensure perfect focus alignment.

With our Fresnel Lens, you’ll achieve uniform light distribution across the entire image, even at f/16 aperture settings. Vibrant colors, enhanced details, and impeccable sharpness are the results of this powerful combination.

Now is the time to get your Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF from our website. It’s compatible and easy to install, so you’ll be ready to capture images with higher definition and consistent exposure, regardless of the chosen aperture. Protect your lens with the PDLC film and enjoy a balanced and sharp image.

Don’t let your photos be compromised by dark edges, the red center, or uneven exposure. With the Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF, you’ll achieve stunning results in all your photographs. Take advantage of our exclusive offer while supplies last!

Experience uniform light distribution and vibrant colors in every shot, even when using challenging f/16 aperture settings. Our Fresnel Lens ensures improved sharpness and overall image quality.

Compatible with I’m BackMF, our Fresnel Lens is a must-have accessory for any I’m BackMF user looking to elevate their photography. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve better image results and capture memorable moments with precision.

Upgrade your I’m BackMF camera with our Fresnel Lens today and unlock the full potential of your photography. Experience superior image quality and take your shots to the next level.


Attention: If your camera model is listed below, the FRESNEL LENS should be fixed to the front of the PDLC film:

– Mamiya 645 Pro: MA2
– Mamiya RB67: MA4
– Bronica ETRS: BR1
– Bronica SQa: BR2
– Bronica S2: BR3
– Hasselblad 500cm/Kiev88: HS1

Ensure proper installation for optimal results. Upgrade your camera with the FRESNEL LENS today and achieve better image definition in your photos!


If your camera model is listed below, the FRESNEL LENS should be attached to the back and secured with double-sided adhesive on the black plastic support. This means that the PDLC film will be in front and in contact with the focal plane of your camera:

Mamiya 645 J-1000: MA1
Mamiya C330: MA3
Mamiya RZ67: MA5
Pentax 645: PEN1
Pentax 67: PEN2
Rolleiflex f3.4/Yashica: RO1
Rolleiflex 6006/7/8: RO2

Why should I do this?

The answer is simple: if you place the fresnel lens in front, it will shift the focal plane by approximately 2 millimeters, resulting in out-of-focus photos. Therefore, follow the instructions above to ensure the best performance of your camera.

Obtain sharp and high-quality images by correctly adjusting the FRESNEL LENS at the back of the PDLC. Enjoy all the benefits of this combination and capture amazing photos!


How to assemble your fresnel lens on your I’m BackMF?

Follow these simple steps to correctly install the fresnel lens on your I’m BackMF:

  1. Remove the PDLC film: Start by removing the PDLC film from your I’m BackMF adapter.
  2. Place the fresnel lens: Carefully place the fresnel lens on the plastic support. Gently press the edges of the lens until it fits.
  3. Ensure that all elements are correctly aligned and in contact. This proper assembly will ensure that you achieve the best results when using the fresnel lens on your I’m BackMF.

If you have any questions during the assembly process, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist and ensure that you have the best photographic experience with your Fresnel lens on the I’m BackMF.



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Fresnel Lens for MF 6x6

Fresnel Lens for I’m BackMF: Eliminate Dark Edges and Red Center, with Even Exposure even at f/16!

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