This converter transforms I’m Back35 and MF RAW files into DNG (Adobe Digital Negative). DNG files can be imported and processed in a clean room with all software products such as Camera Raw of Photoshop (but also free or free such as RawTherapee, Krita, Darktable, or ART) to demosaise the file produced by the sensor with the algorithms in use programs, adjust the colors and improve the image before moving on to post-production (remaining on the subject of free software, Gimp, Krita, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Uploaded RAW files will not be saved on the server, the converter can also be downloaded and installed on your computer.
To install click here.:

This page is useful for conversions or for those who cannot install on their PC.

Program by Stefan Hegny – I’m Back Facebook group member and developer. – shyrodgau 

ImB RAW to DNG Converter V???
New! Internal Overwork, please report errors to me... & Japanese translation thanks to Sadami Inoue!

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