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Videos by I’m Back

I'm Back MF - medium format adapters check for molding.

I'm Back is back!

I'm Back® for medium format

I'm Back® Touch screen menu functions

Camera: Nikon F (1965) + I'm Back® Nikkor 50mm f1.2 & Macro Planar - 120mm f4 Carl Zeiss

Photokina 2018 winners for this year’s awards. FUJIFILM, Panasonic and I’m Back.

Video by Nikon F nikkor 50mm 1.2

Video by Leica M2 Elmar 5cm f2

Last I'm Back Kickstarter campaign - I'm Back® pro. Low cost 35mm digital back.

3th I'm Back Kickstarter campaign - I'm Back™ Low cost digital back for Analog Cameras

3th I'm Back Kickstarter campaign - I'm Back™ Pro Low cost digital back for 35mm Analog Cameras

Timelapse with a GoPro. Building a working I’m Back™ digital back for analog cameras - Raspberry Pi

I'm Back ™. Digital back for analog 35mm cameras -Raspberry Pi - first campaign

Make a video with a Leica M2 + I'm Back®35 - Como lake - May 2021

Make a video with a Leica M2 + I'm Back®35 - Valencia Trumpet 2021

Zenith 122 and Helios 58mm f2,0

Video by Hasselblad planar 80mm f.2.8

I'm Back® Manual User

Olympus OM2 50mm 1.4 + I'm Back

Boldbrain Startup Challenge winner - Nikon F Nikkor 50mm 1.2 + I’m Back

First preview I’m Back - 35mm Digital BacK - in production - News a photokna 2018

Video by Pentax ME Super 50mm 1.8

Video by Diana F mini + I'm Back

Check out the quality of the photos printed on photographic paper.

2th I'm Back Kickstarter campaign - Get digital images and video with an "old times" flavour...

I'm Back Kickstarter campaign -I'm Back + rapberry pi - orange pi - Digital Back for 35mm analog cameras

I'm Back - first phase of my project

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