Zenza Bronica ETR – ETRS

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I’m Back® MF,  adapters for your Medium Format Camera.

Compatible with:

Zenza Bronica ETR – ETRS –  CODE: BR1

Attention! New model now available! Includes Fresnel lens for enhanced image definition in your photos!

P.S.: This accessory only works when attached to the I’m Back MF device.
Photo camera for illustrative purposes only and not included in the sale, only the adapter module.

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I’m Back® MF – compatible with over 17 medium format photo camera models.

With our adapters, you can use more than 17 medium format cameras, be it a Hasselblad CM 500 or a Rolleiflex 2.8 twin lens. Your choice!

Each camera has a different design, and therefore to be able to use your I’m BackMF digital module, you need necessarily add an adapter to fit your favorite camera. This model is compatible for:

Hasselblad Series 500 Classic : – 501 C – 500 classic- 503 CX
503 CXi – 503 CW – 503 CXD – 2000 – 2000 FC – 2000 FC
2000 FCW – 2003 FCW – 205 TCC – 201 F – 203 FE – 205 FCC
202 FA – SWA & SW – SWC – SWC / M – 903 SWC – 905 SWC
FlexBody – ArcBody – 500 EL – 500 EL / M – 500 ELX – 553 ELX – 555 ELD
Kiev88 – HS1

Mamiya 645j – 1000 – MA1
Mamiya 645 pro – MA2
Mamiya c330 – MA3
Mamiya RB67 – MA4
Mamiya RZ67- MA5
Bronica etrs – BR1
Bronica SQa – BR2
Bronica S2 – BR3
Pentax 645 – PEN1
Pentax67- PEN2
Rolleifex f3.4/Yashica – RO1
Rolleifex 6006/7/8 – RO2
Hasselblad 500cm/Kiev88 – HS1


Note for professional photographers: 
“I’M BACK® MF was created with the intention of reusing the old analog photo cameras in a digital way, but maintaining a “retro” aspect in the photos thanks to the focusing screen. It is not intended to have the quality of a digital camera of the last generation, therefore, it is not an accessory to be at par with a digital or even an analog. I’m Back given a unique result in its genre. Similar solutions, like “Pinhole”, “Lomography”, give photos with the use of a “Scanner” and another art form, yes, the art of photography is after all an art form and not something to be judged by the number of pixels or any less.”

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Dimensions 30 × 25 × 30 cm
Zenza Bronica ETR - ETRS

Zenza Bronica ETR – ETRS

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