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I’m Back®

I’m Back™ launched a successful the first prototipe on Kickstarter that has been pledged by over 100 people throughout  – 

I have used analog cameras cameras with “12, 24, 36 films” and I have always wished to use them again but with the possibility to get the photos right away without expensive films and developing time.

The story…

For some years I have been thinking of a way to save them from oblivion and four years ago I began to think about a possible way of giving them their lost dignity by plating them with 24K galvanic gold. –

And why not go back to using them? But it was not enough. So I started to think of a simple way to turn them into digital devices for an easy and immediate use.With this in mind, after destroying four digital cameras in my attempts,I decided that the easiest way would be to opt for an electronic open source and that there was no better solution than a Raspberry PI 3 (for its dimensions and power).

So I started this project and, after one year of hard work in search of a solution, I finally managed to solve the problem.

“I’m back”works with a great number of models and it has a Z X Y regulation which allows to adjust the F stop (24X36mm) which is placed behind the shutter.

The camera is linked to the device through a Flah Sync cable. To take a picture after adjusting the camera, all you need is to turn it on and choose one of the three picture options from the menu. Normal color, dim light color and black and white.

As regards the exposure, since the necessary amount of light is measured by the camera module, the camera must be set to B (Bulb) speed. After focusing the object, the shutter button must be pressed for 2 to 4 seconds according to the light. I am considering solving this problem and make the camera capable to auto adjust the exposure time, but now that’s the way it works.

Now, in the current version, I use proprietary software, a 16mp panasonic sensor, touch screen, full menu, ISO control (100 to 1600), Burst (3 to 10 photos per second), Video, Video slow motion, EV , Color photos, black and white and sepia. Format JPG and RAW photos. Wi-Fi connection and therefore with the possibility to connect your smartphone and transfer the photos or use the display as live view. The I’m Back combines the best of both worlds, analog and digital.

Very important:
The photos taken by I’m Back presented here were treated with Picasa, because, as already happens with modern digital devices, tiny hair or dust can disturb the images. It is very important, before you take pictures, to make sure that the surface of the focusing screen which will record the image is clean. But bear in mind that you should always treat these photos as taken with a film camera and not with the latest generation of digital cameras!

*Raspberry Pi are registered trademark

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