I'm Back® photokina 2018!

It’s official. I’m Back® is the bigbang of photokina 2018!

Cinema 5d awarded us together with Panasonic and Fujifilm! I’m Back® – The unexpected happened: our project has been awarded by Cinema 5D together with Fujifilm and Panasonic.

I'm Back® - Boldbrain Chalenge 2018

Is full of joy!! And all the work is worth it!! Put passion in what you believe!!!

After so much work we are truly grateful to Boldbrain Startup Challenge and everyone who believe in this project.
Step by step the dream is becoming true and we want to challenge YOU to believe in your idea and put all your passion into it!
Try, fail, get up and try again, the real prize is the experience and to learn from everything even the bad things (most of all from it!!)
If you get a “NO” don’t stop! Improve your project, find people to get along with you in this path and NEVER surrender!!

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