Preset color

Hello everyone! I'm here in China working on implementing the software for the new I'm Back film, but I'm also making corrections on the I'm Back35. I would love to add the option of different colors with distinct presets, such as the colors of;
Hilford - BW

If you could help me with this, I would be extremely grateful! I'll be posting a photo here that was taken through Henry's system; it's a DNG image. If you could download this photo and transform it into four different tonalities using Photoshop, it would help me understand how you envision the colors of Kodachrome, Fuji film, and black and white. Your assistance with this would be immensely appreciated. I've made some adjustments on my own, but knowing there are talented individuals here in photography and image editing, I would love to involve you in this process. This is an important change for our film, offering different tonalities for different films. So, let's get started! However, I'm a bit rushed because I need to finish this as soon as possible to release the new firmware.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration!
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