Here's how to download and install firmware on your "I'm Back35" device:

1. Download the firmware by clicking HERE.
2. Unzip the downloaded RAR file. For Windows users, any suitable tool can be used for this purpose. For MAC users, you can open the file through online sites, finding one that suits you best.
3. Use the chosen site to upload the downloaded file, extract it, and you’ll find a .BIN file in your downloads folder.
4. Next, take your I’m Back35, format your micro SD card, and after turning off the device, remove the memory card. Place the memory card into your computer.
5. Open the downloads folder and copy the extracted .BIN file into the memory card. Remove the memory card.
6. Press ON, and the blue light will blink twice. After the blue LEDs flash, the device will automatically turn off. Once it stops, remove and reinsert the SD card in your computer, then delete the .BIN file.
7. After canceling the .BIN file, place the memory card back into your I’m Back35 and press the ON button. The device will power on normally.
8. Click on the gear icon to access the menu on the right and scroll down to find “Firmware Version.” Ensure it matches the name of the BIN file.
9. This new version addresses several important points:
– After taking a photo, you’ll see a preview of the photo for 4 seconds (you can modify this in the “Quick Review” menu to “off”).
– While viewing photos, you won’t need to click left and then on a photo. Instead, simply click OK, and after 1 second, your camera will take the shot and automatically return to the PHOTO function.
– Additional white balance modes: Click on Menu > White Balance and choose between Daylight – Auto Mode, Daylight – Manual Mode, Fluorescent, Underwater, Daylight, Cloudy.
– File types: You can choose the type of photo to save in Black & White, JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG (in the case of RAW photos, you’ll always have a JPG preview of the photo you took).

We are thrilled about the achievements and improvements we’ve been working towards. Follow the steps exactly as described, and everything will work perfectly. IMPORTANT: If you make a mistake during formatting and don’t do it directly with the I’m Back35, there’s a chance that after putting the .BIN file on the memory card and clicking the OK button to install it on the I’m Back35, it might not install, and you’ll see the I’m Back35 logo and the home page. If this happens, redo the process exactly as explained, and everything will go smoothly. Watch our video and address any doubts you may have in our Facebook group:

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